Strategic Security Services

White Oak Security goes well beyond penetration testing with our ability to provide Strategic Security Consulting.  We bring years of experience, across a variety of organizations (both large and small) within various industries, to the table for our clients and help to mature your security program.


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Strategic Consulting

Our consultants have a long and successful history in building enterprise security programs and penetration testing teams, as well as working with application developers on improving security.  This allows our team to work with you to help evaluate current state, build a plan for future state, and move the needle on your information security program.  We can assist with large, sweeping program development efforts or target specific areas in need of improvement and focus on these weak points to deliver practical improvements.

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Application Security Program Management

White Oak Security’s Application Security Program Management will partner with your existing teams to create or mature your AppSec program strategy. White Oak can set organizational strategy and goals.  We can help create policies, processes and guidelines to help you build security into your products.