Christopher Emerson

An accomplished security professional with a proven track record for designing, building and implementing lean and highly effective security programs to quantify risks for Fortune Top 50 Organizations.  

Diverse experience among multiple business verticals, with a focus on Retail and Technology sectors.




Experienced professional with 20+ years of
sales, marketing, client/services management,
and solution development experience.

Spent the last decade in the information security space
working to build-out services and solutions for
large national and international clients in a variety of



Matt Stellmacher

Matt Stellmacher has spent more than 19 years in the information security industry, specializing in application, infrastructure, risk, and compliance services. He began his information security sales career at Predictive Systems selling penetration testing, and the ISACs (Information Sharing Analysis Centers).

He also worked at Shavlik and NetSPI for 11 years playing an important role with enterprise clients and contracts. Matt graduated with a B.S. in both Mass Communications and History from St. Cloud State University.


White Oak Security provides high-end information security consulting services to help organizations strengthen their network and application security without disrupting their ability to do business. Our unique industry experience allows us to offer a wide range of services to help organizations analyze and test their current information security controls and provide guidance to remediate vulnerabilities.

Who We Are

White Oak was founded by Christopher Emerson, a well-respected and highly-experienced information security leader, in 2010. He established White Oak to address the growing need for organizations to address the ever-evolving information security needs that automated security solutions still were not effectively addressing on their own.

His expertise in technical testing and experience gained building application security programs and teams for international organizations led Christopher to focus White Oak on providing in-depth services that combine automation with deep manual testing to provide insight that goes well beyond what fully automated solutions can provide. The results of White Oak's services are delivered in a manner that recognizes the demands of both corporate security and compliance.

Although the team has grown, White Oak continues to focus on these in-depth services and on working with clients who recognize the limitations of automated vulnerability solutions.

Why White Oak Security

White Oak’s culture and approach is based on the principles below:

Client Partnership

We recognize that we are working to fulfill the needs of our clients.  Security testing serves a purpose, and we recognize that our work is being done in partnership with our clients – to provide the insight that they need to address security and compliance needs.

Excellence of Service

When we talk about penetration testing, we don't mean a 'scan'. Our reports are not just the output of a point and click scanner. White Oak Security conducts in-depth testing utilizing a wide variety of tools and manual techniques to comprehensively assess the security of the asset in question. Our goal is to find all that can be found and to provide remediation guidance on what needs to be fixed and how to fix it.

Advancing Information Security

This doesn’t just mean discovering new vulnerabilities or conducting leading research. It also means taking our experience, working with some of the largest organizations in the world, and helping the industry advance and mature. Most companies don’t have the information security budgets that the Fortune 50 can bring to bear, but they can still utilize many of the same approaches and management techniques to mature their organizations and minimize their own risk. White Oak wants to assist every organization not just to test their security, but to also mature their information security programs.


Your Security Testing Partner