Web Application Penetration Testing and Assessments
The increased use of varied Web applications to handle confidential data is a concern for many organizations. Web-based applications provide an easy and convenient alternative to thick-client applications, they are also accompanied by an increase in risk.

White Oak Security offers testing that simulates real-world attacks against Web-based applications and finds the holes before they can be exploited. Our service goes beyond using simple point and click tools, utilizing manual testing to determine business logic errors that automated scanners often miss.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing and Assessments
The dramatic consumer demand for mobile applications creates a unique set of challenges that must be addressed in order to ensure that sensitive information accessed, stored, and/or transmitted by these applications is properly protected.

White Oak Security has experience performing both dynamic and static analysis with custom applications running on Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile environments.

Network Penetration Testing and Assessments
Your organiation's network security is paramount to protecting your customer and employee data along with your intellectual property.

White Oak Security utilizes cutting edge tools paired with years of industry experience to uncover weaknesses in your organization's security. We can assist you in prioritizing issues to simplfy the remediation process.

SAP Penetration Testing and Assessments
SAP is the market leader in business management software for managing business processes and houses your organization's most critical and sensitive data. It has also becoming a frequent target for malicous attackers.

White Oak Security can help your organization detect security vulnerabilities affecting your SAP systems and help prevent sensitive business information from falling into a malcious attackers hands.

Social Engineering
Regardless of the technological or physical secuirty measures you implement, the strength of your network comes down to the training, awareness, diligence and honesty of your organization’s trusted employees, contractors or vendors.

White Oak Security will work with your organziation to perform target identification and information gathering followed by persuasion or deception to gain access to sensitive information or systems. We will then work with you to train your employees to help them become more aware of these risks.

Physical Security Assessments
Physical security is often overlooked in our digital world, yet is just as critical as your network security. Protecting your servers and network is merely a stop-gap if an attacker can gain direct access to a computer in your organization.

White Oak Security will review all the physical security controls for your facility and determine how an attacker may attempt to circumvent those controls.